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For home users, you want a machine that is awake and ready to go when you are. You may use your home machine for a few hours in the morning, before you leave for work/your day's activities, and for a few hours in the evening, after dinner and before bed. SetPower allows you to schedule your power consumption around your needs. This saves energy and money. It's important to note, too, that SetPower will not preclude you from using your machine at any time. For instance, you might want to jump on your home machine on your day off. Even if you have SetPower scheduled to put your machine to "sleep" during the day, you can easily override SetPower by simply moving your mouse. It really is that easy.

And it's free! SetPower Free allows you to configure your PC with a Power Schedule that fits your needs. Just do us a favor...tell your IT people about it at work!

Software valid for home use only.

SetPower Free will not work on a computer that is part of a Windows Domain.

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • ACPI Compliant Hardware (Standby or Sleep should be an option in the Windows shutdown dialog)
  Efficient Design

Unlike many 3rd party applications SetPower is very unobtrusive to your daily computing. It consumes almost no resources (except for a few seconds a day when it is actually switching power plans) and isn't even loaded in your computers memory constantly. SetPower doesn't install any special drivers, instead it works by managing the existing power management capabilities of Windows, unlocking their full potential.

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We created a spoof infomercial to explain why SetPower can help you save energy and money. Check it out.

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